References & Resources used / Disclaimer


The following is a list of resources or references used in compilation of these online ZIMSEC and Cambridge courses. Textbooks used in this endeavour are the current textbooks used and recommended by ZIMSEC and Cambridge to anyone trying the current curricula, so they are also the textbooks used in our Zimbabwean schools currently. In preparation of these courses Renstay Ltd t/a RPC would like to thank the national board of ZIMSEC and international board of Cambridge for letting us use some of their resources both online and offline, such as subjects syllabi, etc.

No harm is intended in the direct use or indirect use of these different textbooks written by different educational authors. Some of the content may reflect some of the ZIMSEC or Cambridge content from their written scripts, books or websites but any misrepresentation is not intentional, and absolutely means no harm whatsoever. If any of our work is/has caused any loss of life, profits or income to individuals, educational boards or textbook authors or compilers, please bear with us, this organisation is only trying to help educate the nation especially this trying time of Covid19, and also after this pandemic to the near future and beyond.


If anything we welcome your input or concerns, or complains to us and we will respond accordingly, even by taking down your textbook content and replacing with alternative, but we sincerely hope the textbook content owners will support us in this endeavour, as we can not be able to contact each and everyone who wrote the textbooks used. Thank you.



Text books used in different courses:


Form 1-6

  1.  Agriculture - Chitsinde A, Farakeza S, Matshazi L.
  2. Agriculture - Domhani F, Nhundu E, Shava R, Zinengeya D.
  3. Agriculture - Chakonza L, Mawere J, Zinengeya D.
  4. Agriculture - Zinengeya D N, Benzi P, Shanangura
  5. Biology - J Avis, E Chafanza, W Madzinga, E Ritchie
  6. Combined Science - K Chavunduka
  7. English, New Secondary English- S Chinodya
  8. Geography - M Madondo, S Jerie, S Gariwe
  9. Heritage Studies - B B Matseketsa, S Mashaah, P Manyoni
  10. Heritage Studies - Johannes M Mupisa, Sharon horisi, Mary Nyevedzanayi, Thoko Ndebele
  11. Shona - Chikore A, Chisango F, Tsenesa M


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